EMACO 1230 is the next generation Halon alternative. It is applied as a gas, but is liquid at room temperature. It is electrically non-conducting and has much lower vapor pressure than other clean agents. Transition from a liquid to a gaseous state is very rapid when discharged through a nozzle and evaporates more than 50 times than water. It has zero ozone depletion potential and a global warning potential of 1. It has only 5-day atmospheric lifetime, making it the safest clean agent for fire suppression system. Full chemical name of EMACO 1230 is dodecafluoro-2-methylpentan-3-one. It is designated in the NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520 clean agent standards as FK-5-1-12

buy neurontin from us pharmacy Features
Extinguishes by removing heat from the fire
ivermectin buy australia 2/Creates a gaseous mixture with air upon

3/ Heat capacity much larger than that of air
Absorbs more energy (heat) for each degree
of temperature change it experiences

4/ Absorbs sufficient heat to upset the
conditions required for combustion to

5/ Causes the combustion zone to cool to the
point that the fire extinguishes

6/  Highest heat capacity of the commercially
available halon alternatives

7/ Protects Class A assets, including those
related to computer and telecommunication

Storage components consist of the cylinder assembly(s), which contains the EMACO 1230 fluid, and the cylinder bracket(s), which holds the cylinder assembly securely in place. Distribution components consist of the discharge nozzles used to introduce the EMACO 1230 fluid into a protected hazard along with the associated piping system used to connect the nozzles to the cylinder assembly. Trim components complete the installation of the suppression system and consist of connection fittings, pressure gauge, low-pressure supervisory switch, electric valve actuator, and manual valve actuator. Slave arrangement components consist of the pneumatic valve actuator(s), actuation check valve, vent check, actuation hose, and fittings required for a multiple cylinder (slave) arrangement. Supplemental components include the discharge pressure switch and manifold check valve. They supplement the core equipment or complete a specific multi-cylinder configuration. This device monitors the condition of the electric actuator, detectors, warning devices, cylinder pressure, and any manual release and abort stations. All electric or electronic devices must connect to the control panel in order to function. Detection devices coupled with manual release and abort stations maximize system efficiency while audible and visual alarm devices alert staff of alarm conditions.

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